Winner of the International Property Awards Best Office Interior Design, Vietnam, 2018-2019.

framas are well known worldwide for both their precision engineering and manufacturing, as well as the leading expertise of their people. We wanted to create an office that would showcase these attributes, as well as create a unique, inviting, engaging space to meet, train and entertain clients.

The client brief was clear; to create a space that did not look like a ‘normal’ office, something minimalist, with plain, cool colours but not sterile like a hospital. It should acknowledge and celebrate framas’ high-technology/ high-performance products and have lots of space to display products. Furthermore, the office should have lots of natural light and be good for office parties and functions.

Our approach was to incorporate three key ideas into the design of the office.

The first is the idea is that of a high-performance laboratory. Throughout the space, materiality has intentionally been kept to a clean, minimal, palette, comprised of brushed stainless-steel wall panelling and resilient flooring. Panelling is fixed to the walls with exposed hexagonal screws, and the standard acoustic ceiling tiles have been removed to expose the concrete surfaces and services above.

The second is to create a unique entry experience; one that instils a sense of anticipation, discovery and transition; signifying the pioneering spirit of framas as one enters of a realm of high-performance engineering.  

The third is to create contrast by positioning a foosball lounge directly inside the main entry emphasising the sports-loving, fun side of framas. Built into the stainless-steel wall are a chaise lounge and large LED TV for viewing sports events and other digital media.

Framing this central area is the conference/ training room, and an enclosed office for three staff. Both spaces have the flexibility open-up to the central space or closed to provide privacy and acoustic separation.

Peppered throughout the office are opportunities for framas to showcase their products and technologies.

The exposed internal structure of the entry tunnel doubles as display shelving, while the sliding steel door panels of both the meeting room and the office have been designed to accommodate custom-made inserts designed to demonstrate and display, framas' moulding technologies.