Anchoring the third phase of our ongoing upgrade and refurbishment works for the International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) is the generous new loft space dedicated to arts, crafts, and creative projects.

Curved lines in the flooring are mirrored by the curtain rods above that act as the only dividers for the room. Free from hard walls or panelled partitions, the fluid curtains allow for instantaneous revision of floor and creative space to suit the different projects. These curved lines are then referenced in the spiral staircase that surrounds the castle-like structure at the centre of the room, which doubles as an observation/individual creativity point, and a storage structure. ⁠

Students can climb the spiral staircase to look out on the creative process, or to use the bean-bagged filled lookouts for reading, drawing, or elevated inspiration. We commend ISHCMC's mission to provide its students with physical environments that inspire students and teachers alike to embrace curiosity, explore individual and collective creativity and in the process of doing so, acquire knowledge, empathy and wisdom.

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