Strategic Briefing & Ideation

A good Strategic Brief should be the foundation of all important projects. It defines requirements, inspires innovation, aligns expectations and allows diverse participants to collaborate towards a common goal.

Strategic Briefing is the process by which project requirements and opportunities are defined, articulated, evaluated and agreed before commencing with the Design Phases. The process is iterative, creative and collaborative; designed to support the client and project team discover opportunities and meet project objectives.

By involving the right people and asking the right questions, we accurately define the Vision, Goals, Objectives and critical Measure of Success for the Project.

The Strategic Brief is a clear and concise document that assembles crucial information from the discovery process, formalising decisions and serving as the foundation for the rest of the project. It allows all stakeholders to assess the work at any stage and evaluate any deviations from the original vision. Where necessary, the project can be brought back on track with timely changes and corrections.

The Ideation Phase is where ideas and options are formulated, tested and evaluated against the Strategic Brief before committing them to action. Creativity and innovation allow us to look beyond the usual answers for better, more elegant, and satisfying solutions, free from time and cost consequences if left until later in the project.

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